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By: Nick Broadhurst
What could arguably be the most major discovery affecting the entire human race?

It is not that drug and toxin particles lodge in fatty tissue, which can adversely alter your personality, though L. Ron Hubbard did discover that. This article is not about the detoxification program that expels these toxins from the body, affecting hundreds of millions of people, though he did discover that too.

This article is about something bigger.

Man has never really done more than see symptoms of what L. Ron Hubbard discovered.

Why does man get upset and angry? Do not say because someone else upset him. That is simplistic and justifying merely a mental symptom.

Why do you hurt someone you love? There is a real base cause to this, isolated.

Why is there war? We know humanity wants peace. Do not say we go to war to stop another from being at war. That only explains a symptom with another symptom.

Why are some people paedophiles, rapists, and outright harmful? Do not just say it is just the way they were created. Anti social activities are symptoms of something.

So what is it?

What drives a person to infidelity, murder, theft? Is it lack of morals, lack of education? Possibly, but morals and education are only an attempt to get man to overcome this other more base desire to harm, which is yes, another symptom.

So what is it? No one has ever found it. Some say, it must not be able to be known.

What could make the criminal honest, the psychotic sane, the war monger peaceful? What could stop all evil in man? What could make the stupid clever?

Mr. Hubbard asked himself those questions. But unlike others, he thought there must be a base cause, something underlying all else, undiscovered. This allowed him to look deeper than all previous efforts.

He found there was another mind at work. An unknown mind that sometimes controlled man like a puppet.

Mr. Hubbard called this subject, Dianetics, which meant: Through Mind.

In summary, he worked out that cells record experience separate to that of the life-force that runs the body organism. As cells divided they pass recordings onto other cells. Eventually, the entire body is consumed by these simple recordings.

Mr. Hubbard further found that when a person closed his eyes, with help from another so trained, he could recall these recordings. These recordings are not memory. They were unlike what we agree to term as memory. These recordings are low grade compared to memory. But the incredible discovery here is that unlike man's concious mind, the cells do not stop recording while the larger organism is otherwise unconscious.

This is the major discovery. The recording mechanism of cells do not turn off when a person is unconscious. During unconsciousness, cells are recording all that is said, smelled, felt and tasted around the body.

With these recordings cells impel larger organisms to handle perceived danger that are similar to that of the earlier unconscious period. There has to be pain present. And with the recording of the pain, the cells replay that pain with more and greater volume until the larger organism obeys. The more the similarity with the current environment to where the cell was injured, the greater the volume of pain to impel the organism to address the perceived danger.

It works like this. A little fish swims into brackish water, and get a savage knock from a dangerous bigger fish. The next time the little fish swims into brackish water, the cells warn that this is the same danger as before and that the fish needs to address the danger fast, even though it does not know if there is a big dangerous fish nearby or not. The little fish feels unsafe, is being warned, feels there is something dangerous nearby and must do something to handle the danger. So the little fish swims away madly to clearer water and feels safe.

Mr. Hubbard labelled this mind, the reactive mind, as it works purely on a stimulus response basis.

Mr. Hubbard found the same mechanism works in people. There are impulses driving us to handle dangers ages ago now built into the cell recordings. These cell recordings have been developing since the organism started as a zygote and foetus, and has been continuing on through up to a person's current age. And, with words now present in these recordings, along with the pain, the cells can compel a person into action much like a hypnotic implant would. That is, the cell will use the pain, along with the recording of words and phrases, to compel a person into action.

Here is an example. A woman is pregnant. Her husband is deranged and beating her, not uncommon today. He is yelling at her, “I hate you.” and “You make me sick.” and “You like to be hit!”. That child, years after birth can be expected to hate his mother, try to hurt her, and be sick around her.

When that child grows up and marries, and his wife in turn becomes pregnant, he is like the fish in the brackish water. Only instead of the recording of a dangerous fish impelling him into action, it is the injury created by his own father on his mother that impels him. But this time it is not the brackish water restimulating the pain. It is the fact he is married with a pregnant wife. And the pain from the injury to his mother years ago is now impelling him to do something about danger, even though it is never going to happen.

But unlike the fish, he now has verbal commands to obey. The command “I hate you,” comes to mind. If he does not vent his hate, then he must be either sick, or hit his wife. Only then can he get rid of the mental pain being inflicted upon him by the recordings of the cells.

But being educated he restrains himself, more and more. But finally he gives in and bursts into anger. His wife, containing similar recordings of her mother's pregnancy, responds with viscous whit that is really just a recording of her father decades before.

The young man strikes at his wife, again and again, until he is satisfied that she is now very sick, just as the command says she must be. Or he does it because the command tells him she likes it.

That night, they both withdraw. He hit her. She cries. They are young lovers no more. Both wonder what is to become of their marriage, their beautiful marriage which they vowed for life. They have a baby on the way.

And the child born of that marriage does the same to his new spouse decades later, and so it goes on for humanity.

Mr. Hubbard found these recordings made people psychotic, war mongers, anti social, criminal and more.

However it was fortunately found that when a person discovered these recordings in his reactive mind, and refiled them into his own larger analytical memory, the individual cell recordings of pain no longer had affect.

Thus went psychosis, neurosis, criminality, cruelty, and whatever unhealthy mental mechanisms a person was using to survive with. Depression vanished, as did irrational fears, domestic violence, child abuse, the desire to rape
and a lot more.

IQ went up severely, people threw away glasses, marriages got better.

This was a very major discovery affecting all of mankind. It affected all races, billions.

The book outlining this knowledge and therapy, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, published in 1950, has sold over 22 million copies in subsequent reprintings. Millions have practiced it. Millions have praised it.

This was genius. But it turned out not to be all. Soon L. Ron Hubbard discovered the mother load of knowledge about man. But that is the subject of another article.About Author:Nick Broadhurst is the Executive Director of the Church of Scientology of Canberra. Scientology Canberra He has been in Scientology for 20 years and has read over 20,000 pages, and listened to over 300 taped lectures on the subject. The Reactive Mind , L. Ron Hubbard the Philosopher
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