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The way to be lovable is having the ability to influence your colleagues. Regardless of it is your superior, subordinates or your peers you will need them to like you before you can get them to believe what you are proposing. Objectively, here, we are not showing the methods to be a first class boot-licker nor are we recommending you to brain-wash yourself to what the person you are influencing is. We are offering you methods that will make you generally pleasant, approachable and lovable by your peers. How do you do that?

Be a capable colleague - That is to able deliver the results as per what you committed and agreed with your colleagues. This is a work place. What is important is the amount of work delivered. The quality of work delivered. What your peers or bosses are looking for is if you are capable of delivering and not if you are approachable to take on the tasks! At the baseline, you are judge by your ability not your friendship level. Just think, who will you look for to do a project together when you are being assigned one? You will always look for those capable ones to team up with, right?

Be a friendly colleague - After your colleagues feel that you are trustworthy in delivering results and abilities assured, you are now judged by your approachability. Are you friendly enough that colleague are comfortable to approach you for help? Or you always giving a black face in front of them that they feel you are "untouchable"? Be friendly, and you'll be surprised that you will have more colleagues approaching you and you might be happier too!

Be honest - Whatever you do, be honest. Your peers will be unpleasing when they find out that their colleague is not honest. Nobody likes to work with a liar (minus those that tells a white lie or a lie that is beneficial for the entire team). If you do not know certain things at work, admit it. Do not attempt to cover up yourself. If you can't deliver as per the specified time line, admit the problem that you have. In the long run, when your cover is blown, you get an even bigger discontent among your peers than ever before!

Be empathic - Being friendly involves the ability to listen with your heart. Your colleagues will not want to be patronized. They want good advice from the heart. If you exercise empathic listening at work, we believed that you have quite a fair amount of influence on your colleagues.About Author:You can read more about influencing your colleagues over at Lost In Cubes blog. One of the clients of the author is in the DiNapoli Fibonacci Strategies business.
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