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It isn't tricky to recognize the good effort and performance of your people. It's just a matter of bothering and effort to do it, and being clear in communicating the connection between performance and rewards. By linking a direct performance to reward has often been effective the employer ( manager ) and employee relationship. When employee receives appreciation, the need to reciprocate comes into action with a continued higher performance.

When employees aren't being recognized of their performance, they began to drift away and may under perform in the long run. The most horrible thing is employees tender their resignation in display of the lack of appreciation at work ( and your leadership ). As such, employers ( managers ) should be sensitive to their requirements. Remember, they are your arms that you need to get work delivered. Bosses should additionally be able to align the expectancy of reward and performance solidly to their employees.

To be ready to keep your staff and continue to work for you ( happily ) with continued performance, you must have the basic 4 MUST-Dos for your employees :

Align rewards and performance! This is to be done explicitly and obviously. Don't give them an airy fairy links of rewards and performance. Give them practical and clear evidence of how their performance is linked to their rewards. Of course, there is a must be flexibility. Draw the extent of work and reward limits but don't limit their capability to excel.

Be attentive! Show you're often prepared to listen to them. Open the doors of your office. Allow them to come in for a dialogue about their concerns. If you have the time, go for a walk and hang around at the pantry. Talk to them there ( a place they are comfy at ). Allow yourself to understand them more instead of being the every so high and unapproachable authority.

Be receptive! Show you are often willing to acknowledge their concerns and the value of what you hear. Having an open door concept is not sufficiently good with your ears and heart shut. Your ears and heart must be opened too. Empathetic listening. Let them finish what they assert and not interrupt them. Most importantly, isn't rejecting their views.

Be responsive! Show you're frequently willing to do something. After chatting and listening and understanding their concerns. It's time to do something. Having the ability to understand their concern isn't enough for them. You need to be decisive. Of course, you must be Mr. Nice Guy and respond all the concerns without putting a concept to it. You have the right to reject their concerns if you deemed it irrational or impractical.About Author:You can read the full article on 4 ways for employers to keep your staff. The author recommends
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