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By: Natalie Strobe
Did you know when applying the law of attraction it is wise to keep your goals to yourself? When you decide to make changes in your life by willfully apply the law of attraction you have to become very aware of the quality of energy that you bring into your life.

The Law of Attraction is based not only on the thought forms that you hold but it includes the thought forms within your environment. Sometimes you may be surrounded by people who subconsciously who hold a negative outcome for your desire. While you may give your desire twenty percent of mental energy someone else may be given 60% of their intention in the direction of your goal. What this does is cancel out your desire.

Another way a person can bring you bad luck is by the vibration they are carrying. Sometimes a person hold a very low vibration based on the negative thoughts in their mind. Those negative thoughts and feeling begin to merge with your energy and soon enough if you are not strong enough in controlling your energy you may begin to attract lots of negative circumstances.

Psychic protection is something everyone should learn in order to achieve their goals. You cannot be successful with applying the law of attraction if you don’t make an effort to shield your personal energy for those who don’t wish to see you succeed. If you find that you are struggling to apply the law of attraction to your life without results take a good look at who you are surrounded by.

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