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By: Cassy
Many people these days may have more than one website. Each one usually has two expenses. The domain name cost and the hosting cost. If you know how, you can reduce these expenses dramatically. For example I have twenty or thirty websites that only cost me the amount of hosting one website. I would be paying thirty times what I currently pay! As the title suggests, there are three ways to do this and use all three.

First you can simply add a folder to one website and upload a new website to it. For example if you had a website like “mywebsite.com” you can add a folder to make “mywebsite.com/iphones” and start an iPhone store in that folder. You can then start another for Laptops etc. This works for a number of things and is the simplest way.

Another way is to start a sub-domain. A sub-domain is similar to the first example, only it is a little more separate. This would make your domain look like this: “iphones.mywebsite.com.” I have used this for many affiliate websites under one main domain. These methods can save an enormous amount of money a month and per year.

The third way is to make an add-on domain. Add-on domains are separate domain names under one hosting package. For example if you had “mypaintballwebsite.com” and “myvacuumcleanersite.com” you could pay for only one hosting instead of two. You would still have the domain name registration fee for each domain name, but that is still a substantial savings. This way keeps your sites entirely separate except you access them from the same cpanel (Control Panel.)

The first way you can do from the file manager in your cpanel or use ftp to make a new folder and upload your files. Using the second way, you need to go into the cpanel and use the sub-domain button to create the new sub-domain. Since it is part of the same website, you don't need to worry about registering a domain name. The cpanel will create a folder for your files just like in the first example. You would then just upload your website files to it. The third method requires you to secure the domain name you want (or already have) and use the add-on domain button in your main websites cpanel to add it to the domain. The cpanel makes a a folder like “mypaintballwebsite.com” in your main website folders. You also need to follow the host companies instructions for changing the DNS settings if necessary.

Not all hosting companies allow these methods however. I now only use one company because they allow unlimited domains and bandwidth for one low price. They also have many useful freebies like one click Wordpress install and a load of other software. Everything I install on them goes smoothly as opposed to some other servers I have used. And finally, I use them because of their great support service.

About the Author:

For More Information about the great inexpensive hosting packages to use with the above methods to save money on your hosting, see: Hosting

Cassy is CEO of webnicheempire.comFor more info on http://interpret.co.za visit this site.Courtesy of: http://spin2submit.co.za
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