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By: Kenny Leones
Fruits is an integral part of a healthy diet for all humans. A fruit can be eaten raw, squeezed into juice and be part of a dish. It is advisable to increase the daily consumption of fruits for a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s a list of fruits sorted alphabetically for reference of available fruits around the world. The genus of each fruit is also provided.

Açaí- Arecaceae
Acerola- Malpighiaceae
African cherry orange- Rutaceae
Akee- Sapindaceae
Amazon Grape- Moraceae
American Mayapple- Berberidaceae
American persimmon- Ebenaceae
Apricot- Prunus armeniaca
Araza- Eugenia Stipitata
Arhat- Cucurbitaceae
Avocado- Lauraceae
Babaco- Caricaceae
Bael- Rutaceae
Barbados Cherry- Malpighiaceae
Barberry- Berberis; Berberidaceae
Bearberry- Arctostaphylos spp.
Bilberry or whortleberry- Vaccinium spp.
Bilimbi- Oxalidaceae
Black mulberry- Moraceae
Blackberry- Rubus
Blueberry- Vaccinium spp.
Breadfruit- Moraceae
Buffaloberry- Elaeagnaceae
Burmese grape- Cucurbitaceae
Calabash- Bignoniaceae
Canistel- Sapotaceae
Carambola- Oxalidaceae
Cempedak- Moraceae
Che- Moraceae
Cherimoya- Annonaceae
Cherry- Prunus avium
Chocolate vine- Akebia quinata
Chokeberry- Aronia
Chokecherry- Prunus virginiana
Citron- Citrus medica
Clementine- Clementine
Cloudberry- Rubus chamaemorus
Coconut- Arecaceae
Cocoplum- Chrysobalanaceae
Cornelian cherry- Cornaceae
Cranberry- Vaccinium oxycoccus
Cranberry- Vaccinium spp.
Crowberry- Empetrum spp.
Currant- Ribes spp.; Grossulariaceae
Custard apple- Annonaceae
Damson Plum- Sapotaceae
Date palm- Arecaceae
Date-plum- Ebenaceae
Dragonfruit- Cactaceae
Dragonfruit- Cactaceae
Durian- Bombacaceae
Eggfruit- Sapotaceae
Elaeagnus angustifolia- Russian olive
Elderberry- Sambucus; Caprifoliaceae
Elephant apple- Dilleniaceae
False-mastic- Sapotaceae
Feijoa- Myrtaceae
Fig- Moraceae
Garden Peach Tomato
Gooseberry- Grossulariaceae
Goumi- Elaeagnaceae
Gourds- Cucurbitaceae
Grape- Vitaceae
Grapefruit- Citrus paradisi
Greengage- Prunus domestica italica
Ground Plum- Fabaceae
Guarana- Sapindaceae
Guava- Myrtaceae
Guavaberry- Myrtaceae
Hackberry- Cannabaceae
Hardy Kiwi- Actinidia arguta
Hawthorn- Rhaphiolepis
Honeysuckle- Caprifoliaceae
Horned melon- Cucumis metuliferus
Horned melon- Cucurbitaceae
Huckleberry- Vaccinium spp.
Ice Plant- Aizoaceae
Indian Prune- Flacourtiaceae
Ivy- Araliaceae
Jaboticaba- Myrtaceae
Jackfruit- Moraceae
Jambul- Myrtaceae
Japanese wineberry- Rubus phoenicolasius
Jatobá- Leguminosae
Jenipapo- Rubiaceae
Jujube- Rhamnaceae
Kahikatea- Dacrycarpus dacrydioides
Kandis- Clusiaceae
Keppel fruit- Annonaceae
Kiwifruit- Actinidiaceae
Kumquat- Rutaceae
Kundong- Clusiaceae
Langsat- Lansium domesticum
Lapsi- Choerospondias axillaris Roxb.
Lemon- Citrus limon
Linden- Malvaceae
Lingonberry- Vaccinium vitis-idaea
Loganberry- Rubus loganobaccus
Longan- Sapindaceae
Loquat- Eryobotrya japonica
Lúcuma- Sapotaceae
Lychee- Sapindaceae
Mabolo- Ebenaceae
Mamey sapote- Sapotaceae
Mamoncillo- Sapindaceae
Mandarin- Citrus reticulata
Mango- Anacardiaceae
Mangosteen- Clusiaceae
Manoao- Manoao colensoi
Marang- Moraceae
Mayapple- Berberidaceae
Medlar- Mespilus germanica
Melon- Cucumis melo
Monstera- Araceae
Mulberry- Moraceae
Murta- Myrtaceae
Nageia- Nageia spp.
Nannyberry- Caprifoliaceae
Naranjilla- Solanaceae
Olive- Oleaceae
Orange- Citrus sinensis
Oregon grape- Berberidaceae
Osage-orange- Moraceae
Papaya- Caricaceae
Passion fruit
Peanut butter fruit- Malpighiaceae
Pear- Pyrus
Pequi- Caryocaraceae
Persimmon- Ebenaceae
Pigeon plum- Polygonaceae
Pineapple- Bromeliaceae
Pitomba- Eugenia luschnathiana
Plum- Prunus
Podocarpus- Podocarpus spp.
Poha- Solanaceae
Poisonleaf- Dichapetalum cymosum
Pomegranate- Punicaceae
Pomelo- Citrus paradisi
Pond-apple- Annonaceae
Prickly pear- Cactaceae
Privet- Oleaceae
Prumnopitys- Prumnopitys spp.
Pupunha- Palmae
Quince- Cydonia oblonga
Raisin tree- Rhamnaceae
Rambutan- Sapindaceae
Raspberry- genus Rubus
Red Mombin- Anacardiaceae
Riberry- Myrtaceae
Rimu- Dacrydium cupressinum
Rose apple- Myrtaceae
Rose-hip- Rosa
Rowan- Sorbus
Sageretia- Rhamnaceae
Saguaro- Cactaceae
Salak- Salacca edulis
Salal berry- Ericaceae
Salmonberry- Rosaceae
Salmonberry- Rubus spectabilis
Santol- Meliaceae
Sapodilla- Sapotaceae
Saw Palmetto- Ericaceae
Sea Grape- Polygonaceae
Sea-buckthorn- Elaeagnaceae
Service tree- Sorbus domestica
Serviceberry- Amelanchier
Shipova- Sorbopyrus auricularis
Silverbells- Styracaceae
Snowberry- Caprifoliaceae
Soapberry- Sapindaceae
Soursop- Annonaceae
Star apple- Chrysophyllum cainito
Strawberry- Rosaceae
Strawberry guava- Myrtaceae
Strawberry Tree- Arbutus unedo
Sugar apple- Annonaceae
Surinam Cherry- Myrtaceae
Tamarillo- Solanaceae
Tamarind- Caesalpiniaceae
Tangerine- Citrus tangerina
Taxus baccata- Yew
Texas persimmon- Ebenaceae
Thimbleberry- Rosaceae
Thimbleberry- Rubus parviflorus
Toyon- Rosaceae
Wahoo- Celastraceae
Watermelon- Citrullus vulgaris
Wax apple- Syzygium samarangense
Wineberry- Rubus phoenicolasius
Wolfberry- Solanaceae
Yangmei- Myricaceae

This list of fruits is a good guide for someone who wants to add more fruits in his diet. Fruits are very natural and healthy. It is free from the unwanted bad cholesterol and rich in fibers and antioxidants. They are effective to prevent aging and sickness caused by chemicals added in the modern food today.About Author:Please click these links if you want to know more about 201 or list of all fruits in general.
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