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By: Steven Belk
Many recall their days of Sunday School and the lessons that made the largest impact on them. These were the lessons that stay in ones mind, has the biggest impact and created lasting value.

So what makes Sunday School lessons have lasting value? To start, much research has been put into how and why materials for Sunday School works best. According to this research, it has been determined that children often equate cartoon illustrations with fictional stories. In knowing this, those providing high quality and the most impacting Sunday school lessons are starting to use art that is more realistic to teach students. This art includes paintings that depict each Bible story in a real and accurate way.

Research has also shown that using games and review cards, helps students get exited about what they are studying and this in turn also helps them remember more and for a longer period of time.

Choosing the right curriculum for your classroom starts with matching the age to the proper curriculum. For instance, for early childhood and lower grade levels, the proper age - designed lessons will typically focus on storytelling. Storytelling for children at this age helps to bring the Bible stories to life.

For those in middle grades, students are ready to dig deeper, discovering new depths in each Bible story. Many students like research projects at this age. You may want to pick a curriculum that helps your students explore what life was like in Bible times and learn more about the culture and lifestyles depicted in each story.

Junior High and High School students are often searching for ways to integrate the Bible into their lives. They want to know how the Bible is current for them. A good Sunday School curriculum will place emphasis on this, asking the student questions that allows them to integrate the stories into their lives. As a teacher, your job then is to help stimulate good conversation among your students so they can learn to be open about their thoughts or questions as well as sharing how they integrated what they learned from the lesson.

Using a timeline that ties what children are taught in history classes with the bible's timeline is also helpful to your Sunday School class. You can also help your students to see and understand how the Bible and its stories fit into the events they are learning about in school.

Now let's look at other important factors that make a Sunday School lesson valuable, beyond the actual curriculum provided to the teacher. Sunday School lessons stay with children and have greater impact because of the teacher. So what can a teacher do to be more impacting?

1. Be Passionate About Your Subject - If you love what you are doing and saying, it will show. You don't have to know the Bible inside and out for children to feel the impact, you only have to say what you have to say with conviction. Do you have enthusiasm? Do you enjoy teaching and being there with the kids?

2. Enjoy Kids - Do you enjoy kids? If so, it will show to your students. Kids seem to recognize whether people enjoy them or not. Children are also drawn to those who love children and listen more intently on what they have to teach. If this is you, then you can be a great Sunday School teacher. You will also want to think about the ages you feel the most comfortable with when teaching kids. Everyone has their own comfort level- some people love the younger kids, while other may have a special connection with teens.

3. Make a Commitment - Of course, when you want to be a great Sunday School teacher, then you will have to make a commitment--a commitment of your time. As a Sunday School teacher, you will be asked to plan and carry out regular lessons and teach your class each and every Sunday. If you cannot commit to a weekly class, then you may be better off helping instead of teaching.

4. Stay Organized - Also, a good Sunday School teacher will want to stay organized. You will need to take the time to organize your lessons and find the materials you will need when you teach. Even if you don't feel comfortable making lesson plans, you can find great info in books and online that will help you.

5. Have Fun - The last tip for being a great Sunday School teacher is to have fun! If you have fun and you enjoy what you are doing each week, the kids will have fun, too. You will be a success.

The success of a Sunday School lesson doesn't have to be complicated. With the right materials and the right mindset, you can certainly make a large impact as well.About Author:Concordia Supply.com has everything you're looking for to make vbs and Sunday school a success with the kids. Visit online for all your church supplies.
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