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By: reggie curtis
"Clickbank: easy money? Yes I think so. I've done the usual things; eBay, Pay Per Click, Adsense etc. Until recently I sold ebooks on eBay for years but when eBay banned digital downloads I had to rethink my marketing methods.
Ebay banned the sale of ebooks in the form of digital downloads but allowed ebooks in to be advertised and sold as CDs or converted to paper products and sold as hard copy manuals."

I could go on and on about the rights and wrongs of eBay's digital downloads ban but in fact it did me a favour. As well as selling on eBay I have always sold Clickbank products mainly form my newsletter and ezine ads, in fact have made more money from Clickbank than eBay and for very little capital outlay.

I always took the eBay route as the easy option but their policy changes caused me to rethink my strategies. Here's why I think Clickbank is easy money - don't stop reading when you see the next statement - Article Writing Makes Me Money and it can do the same for YOU!

I knew that articles were a good way of getting exposure online and getting visitors to your website or blog and then making sales but I couldn't really be bothered and thought, 'I can't write articles'. I also thought that it was a long term strategy and I want money now. I was wrong on all counts.

Articles are easy to write if you follow some simple rules, articles don't need to be massive, 500 words will do. I give a few tips to easy article writing in PART TWO on my website. If you are interested, you will find the link at the end of this article.

Articles are NOT a long term project, things can happen pretty fast. If you visit my web page mentioned above (link below), you will see a screenshot of one of my articles at POSITIONS: #1 and #2 on PAGE ONE of Google with over 15 MILLION competitors. This took only a couple of days to happen and works at bringing visitors to my website at NO COST AT ALL! How good is that?

Get sales at no cost - money for nothing, it doesn't get much better and unlike selling on eBay, NO listing fees, NO final value fees, NO PayPal fees, NO CD burning, NO packaging, NO trips to the Post Office and NO constantly answering potentail buyers emails.

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