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By: JohnJamesPnP
An emergency aid for a person under the asthma attack is essential. A couple of the holy basil leaves mixed with honey will create a form of relief from asthma attack. Note this is just a first aid and receiving professional medical attention is paramount.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder caused by the inflammation of the respiratory tract. Asthma causes respiratory difficulties through the blockage of the tract by thick mucus layers. If something isn't done about asthma, it can lead to the death of a victim. That's why as soon as you discover you have asthma, you should see your doctor immediately.

A mixture of turmeric powder with milk can help treat asthma attack. Two table spoons of this mixture can also help prevent easy triggering of asthmatic attack. Note this treatment should not be taken instead of prescribed medication, unless advised by your doctor.

I know it might feel very frightening after an asthmatic attack that you feel the world has come to an end, don't despair. Asthma doesn't mean it's the end of the world for you. If you take very good care of yourself and do everything your doctor says, you can keep asthmatic attacks at bay for as long as possible.

Although not medically proven, the Ayurveda believe says that the kind of food you eat at night has a lasting effect on your susceptibility to asthma attack the next day. Following this believe, it will be advisable that an asthmatic person stays away from fatty food, fries and animal product after the sunset as it may cause an attack the following day.

Preventing asthmatic attack in your home is essential. As an asthmatic patient, you have to make sure that your home is properly ventilated and contains no trapped air. Product containing chlorine and tartrazine should also be avoided. Yes , if you really do all you are supposed to do, you can keep asthma at bay and stay healthy for a long time without experiencing asthmatic attacks.

Wheezing and air flow rate is detected by the use of a stethoscope. To enhance this examination, the doctor may ask the patient to take deep breaths or a small exercise that will facilitate a little stress on the lungs and reveal any kind of difficulty in breathing.

Fighting asthma naturally includes a diet adjustment. A good asthma diet includes fresh raw fruits and vegetable salad. Make sure the salad includes a whole avocado and a half cup of seed. You can dress the salad with vegetable oil mixed with lemon juice or MSG free soy sauce.

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