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By: Regena Crick
Fast forward back to 2019. J&J has found itself in hot water in recent years due to concerns about talc, Formaldehyde, asbestos, and other harmful chemicals in their baby/kids_ products. Not only that, but the company_s once-golden kids_ products have been falling out of favor with millennial moms for years for a number of reasons. Last year, the company even revamped their entire line of products in an attempt to appeal to millennial moms, generally by promoting transparency and a lack of dyes, sulfates and other chemicals.

They have even diminished/phased out the "No More Tears" shampoo branding, which was once iconic. Bath time is our favorite time of the day and with @johnsonsbabyindia shampoo, it_s No More Tears and only more smiles. I only trust @johnsonsbabyindia shampoo as it has no more tears formula which makes it as mild and as pure as water that helps prevent eye irritation and redness. Even more fun? Receiving a collection of J&J baby bath products from a close family member as a baby shower gift, likely as a nod to my family_s personal history with the brand.

I didn_t exactly want to be rude since it was a gift, but, well, I also don_t want to expose my young child to potentially harmful chemicals. And neither would any mom or dad. Millennials aren_t cool with J&J, and for good reason. If the movement away from these potentially harmful products continues, J&J (and other large companies) may finally start listening to parents about what we really want for our kids: products that aren_t going to cause harm.

Because health matters more than profit. For many years, J&J_s baby products were the jewel in the company crown. They were the gold standard for all baby/kid_s personal health and grooming products and raked in billions of dollars in sales for the company each year. But now, circa 2019, this once-mighty giant has fallen. In recent years, J&J has even been forced to "reinvent" its baby/kids care line after falling out of favor with millennial moms and dads.

Bath time is our favorite time of the day and with @johnsonsbabyindia shampoo, it_s No More Tears and only more smiles. I only trust @johnsonsbabyindia shampoo as it has no more tears formula which makes it as mild and johnsons no more tears as pure as water that helps prevent eye irritation and johnsons no more tears redness. Rewind for a minute back to the 90s _ the formative years of my childhood, when J&J_s "No More Tears" shampoo was the standard.

For a good chunk of that time, my father actually worked at J&J (don_t ask me exactly what he did, I think it had nothing to do with these products, though). As a perk of being an employee, we were able to purchase these "golden" J&J products at a significant discount. Because, of course, what young family wouldn_t take advantage of an opportunity to save some money and still get (what we believed) were quality products? As a result, my childhood was filled with all-things J&J: Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages, johnsons no more tears No More Tears shampoo, No More Tangles and so on.

In fact, my family became so used to the J&J brand that even after my father moved on from that job, we continued to purchase J&J products almost exclusively, johnsons no more tears even up through my adolescent years when we purchased a lot of Neutrogena products specifically because J&J owned them. WHY WE LOVE BATH TIME WITH JOHNSON'S® BABY Since her first bath at just a few days old, our little Lia bean has loved our bath time ritual. She plays, splashes and smiles until it's time to get out.

Recently, we had the opportunity to try the complete Johnson's® Baby line and so far we are loving the products. We also tried out Johnson's® new Bedtime® Baby Bath wash and Bedtime® Baby lotion and absolutely love the Naturalcalm® aromas, perfect for relaxing our little angel before she's off to dream. They recommend trying their clinically proven Bedtime® routine to help the babe fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Start with a warm bath using the Bedtime® baby bath, followed by a gentle massage using the Bedtime® Baby lotion and lastly, quiet time and lullabies. We're currently trialing this combo on Lia and she seems to love it, falling asleep on her own in minutes. We start each bath off with Johnson's® Baby Bath to create the perfect, soapy bubbles for Lia to play in. Next, we slather her up with Johnson's® Top-to-Toe Baby Wash, which gives her that perfect new baby smell.

This baby wash has no added parabens, is hypoallergenic and 100% soap free, leaving her skin soft and smooth. Although Lia isn't working with much hair, I love using Johnson's® Baby Conditioning Shampoo. It leaves her little curly hairs extra soft and silky, plus it has Triple Baby Protection and is tear-free.

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