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By: Vince Stephenson
One of the most important things for getting top search engine ranking is gaining trust with Google. Their aim is to display high quality relevant sites in their results and not any spam sites. There are various things that can help you to gain trust with Google and this article will help you with explaining how it can be done.

1. Domain Name

One of the things that Google will consider is the age of your domain name. The older it is the more Google will see your site as trustworthy. It might be worth considering buying an old domain name to help your website. This might cost you more money in the beginning but could be something that will help your search engine optimisation and so could end up making you money in the long run.

If you do decide to buy a new domain name then make sure you register it for at least 2 years. Google will take this into account as spammers will likely only register a domain name for 1 year as they are expecting to move on a regular basis.

2. Website Content

It is important to keep your content consistent and make you look like a real business. Google does not like keyword stuffing so make sure you write something that is relevant and is easy to find and read.

Another thing that Google likes to see is proper contact details. On your contact page it is a good idea to include your address as well as telephone numbers and an email address. This shows Google that you are real business and have a real place of work which in turns increase the trust between them and you.

In terms of your content the final thing you should consider is adding terms and conditions and if applicable a privacy policy. These should be put at the bottom of each page so that they can easily be found. This helps to show Google that you are reputable and are aiming to produce a quality business where the customer is protected.

3. Links to your Site

This is very important as Google likes to see links to a site to show that others have endorsed it. However you should be very careful with the types of links you get. The aim should be to get quality links to your website as these are more trustworthy. Never take part in automated linking programmes as this is the kind of thing spam sites do. You might end up with a lot of links but they will probably come from sites that Google does not trust and it could mean you end up linking to sits it does not trust. This will only result in Google not trusting your site.

It is also worth mentioning that Google does not like paid links and sees them as a form of spam. So try and avoid paying to have links to your website unless they are from somewhere reputable like yell. If you are listing in a directory to get a link make sure it is free and if possible aim to work with directories that are manually edited. This will make the links you get appear real and reputable.

It is important to remember that the more trust Google has for your website the greater the chance of getting top rankings so it is vital to build trust.
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