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By: Julie LeBlanc
There are two types of acne which are non-inflammatory acne and inflammatory acne.

Non-inflammatory Acne are Whiteheads and Blackheads. Inflammatory Acne are Pustule Acne, Nodule Acne, Cyst Acne and Milia Acne.

Whiteheads Acne Info
Right below the skin the sebum and bacteria stays trapped and then a white is formed.

Blackheads Acne Info
Blackheads are not dirt. They are formed at the time the pores open at the top of the skin and the sebum that contains skin pigment melanin oxidizes and turn a blackish color. Blackheads take a while to go away as they drained really slowly.

Pustule Acne Info
This is cause several days after the white blood cells goes to the top of the skin. This is what we called a pimple.

Nodule Acne Info
This is cause when a follicle break inside the skin and cause a large bump that really hurts when you touch it.

Cyst Acne Info
A high inflammation reaction that cause a very big pus filled lesions.

Milia Acne Info
They are tiny white bumps that get trapped as skin cells get trapped in tiny pockets on the skin. They are more seen on newborn babies on the nose and cheeks but they do disappear by itself as the dead skin goes away. They can be seem on adult but do not go away by itself . They may have to be removed by a specialist.

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