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By: Anonym
In the past, promising young Christian men were chosen by the Roman Catholic Church to serve as ‘ altar boys’ before they could attain formal priesthood. These altar boys were the acolytes who dedicated them in various services at the altar before they could be promoted to the position of diaconate.

However from the year 1983, Canon Law 230 was changed by the Roman Catholic Church, which in turn allowed women dedicate themselves in religious service at the altar. From that time onwards the term altar server has become quite popular. Now, the term “altar boy” has been replaced with the term altar server. An altar server acts as an assistant to the members of the clergy during religious services. An altar server performs such jobs as fetching and carrying things and ringing the bell at the altar. If you feel that you have that religious zeal in you to serve at the altar of Lord Jesus then you can find out more information about altar servers from www.altarserver.net.

The alter server some time also acts as an acolyte which is a minor order of priesthood and they are ordained by the Bishop. However, there is a subtle difference between the terms acolyte and altar server even if their functional purview is almost similar. The title of an acolyte is till date endowed on men unlike the title of altar server which is given to both men and women. Since, an acolyte is an ordained minor order unlike an altar server who is not formally ordained, that is why only men can be acolytes.

Both acolytes and altar servers perform such key functions at the altar which is quintessential for the smooth progress of the religious ceremonies held at the Roman Catholic Church. During the process towards the altar an altar server or acolyte usually carries the incense boat, processional cross and the thurible. They also move the missal from the Epistle Side of the altar to the Gospel side of the altar. The functions of an altar server don’t end here. An altar server also rings the altar bell and presents the cruets of wine and water to the priest to be poured into the chalice.About Author:If you want to glean detailed information about altar server then you need not read religious discourses or heavy religious scriptures. With the progress of technology and internet you can gather information about an altar server from the internet also. Just log into http://www.altarserver.net and find out more the duty and role of an altar server.
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