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By: Acne
Though they are not as obvious as large nodules of inflamed acne, they can still cause social anxiety and damage to mental health and emotional well being. Another feature of blackheads is their persistence; they can remain on the nose or skin even when acne has ceased to be a problem. For this reason, it may be beneficial to use specialist acne medication or herbal remedies to banish blackheads. The following are some techniques for reducing the incidence of blackheads.

One of the most simple, often overlooked techniques to avoid and reduce blackheads is to wash the face regularly. After any kind of physical activity that has caused you to sweat, for example physical education at school, it is important to clean the skin. In this manner, bacteria will not have an extended period of residence on the skin during which time pores can become blocked and infected. Acne medications like benzoyl peroxide or TriClear also have proven blackhead fighting capabilities.

Another blackhead-fighting technique is the use of olive oil on the skin. This may seem contradictory as oil on the skin can cause blackheads. However, olive oil is of a similar composition to sebum, and can actually soak up excess dirt and sebum. In this fashion it can also unclog pores. As such, if olive oil is massaged gently in the skin where blackheads are found, they can be reduced substantially.

Biore strips, or other similar strips, can be purchased from your local pharmacy. They are sprinkled with a little water which causes them to become sticky. The strip of paper is then applied to the blackhead-area of the skin. It is left for a few minutes; when peeled off, it should bring blackheads with it, leaving clear pores behind. It should be noted that removing blackheads does not deal with any internal problem that may be causing blackheads in the first place. Similarly, a blackheads removal tool can also be bought from some pharmacies. However, it is advisable to allow a professional to remove blackheads for you as you run the risk of damaging the skin.

Finally, facial scrubs can also be purchased that are proven to fight blackheads. They vary in price and quality. They should be mixed with a little warm water and can be left on the skin overnight.About Author:Find more info on acne medications and read my review of TriClear at http://myacnetreatmentreview.com
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