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By: Edward Lipton
Walk into almost any mall in America and you'll find her. Hiding behind her pink carpet and voluptuous mannequins, Victoria sure isn't keeping her Secret under wraps very well. Millions of viewers tune in every year for the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show. And millions more voyeurs walk past her mall shops trying to look without looking like they are looking. Everyone is interested in the newest, innovative, fashionable looks in women's under garments. And why not? Sexy underwear are just that - sexy! Why not flaunt it if you got it, right?

But why should the girls have all the fun? (Or is that the guys?? Who really has more fun when the opposite sex sports sexy under things?)You aren't your father or grandfather. You're a 21st century guy. So why should you wear the same plain ol' underwear they did? Men's underwear can be just as seductive, just as alluring, as women's. Whether you've got a great body sculpted from hours at the gym, or you are just trying to spice up your love life, sexy men's underwear may be just the thing. Wear them just for you, too. Nobody ever has to see them, but you'll know they're there. You might want to try wearing something a little daring underneath your suit the next time you have a "big presentation" to give your confidence and self-esteem a big boost. Hey, the ladies do it all the time! She's got her Wonderbra and all sort of lingerie to "enhance the figure" and boost her self-esteem along with her image. Believe it or not, there are several "enhancing" styles for men that will show off your assets to your best advantage.

From g-strings to thongs, slinky boxers to lace bikinis, there's everything today's hip and edgy guy wants or needs. (Or is that his significant other??) What about a pair of mini-boxers trimmed in cheetah print waistband and leg piping? Or is a cheetah print g-string more the style to bring out the jungle beast in you? Imagine wearing a shiny bright yellow thong down under your best suit for that next big day at work! Or the barely there sheer bikinis that leave little to the imagination, yet a lot to be admired?

But, you say, I'm not the "barely there underwear" type of guy. You don't have to be. New styles can provide you with the traditional style, fit, support and comfort you are used to, without giving up any sexiness or ranging into "sameness." You can have that certain extra something in briefs, boxers and boxer briefs. How do you feel about a nice pair of striped boxers? What about a nice subtle difference in the cut of your briefs to make all the "difference" in the world? Wouldn't a pair of bright red, neon green or sky blue shorts be a nice change from your typical tighty-whiteys? What do you think your lady would say to a pair of tiger-patterned briefs? Or you could be a stand out in cotton candy pink low rise briefs. Hey, not everybody can wear pink, right?

One thing men often complain about with sexy under things is that they don't stand up to the activeness of a typical guys' day. Today's sexy, edgy briefs, boxers and boxer briefs can offer that much needed support, comfort and fit without sacrificing any of their sexiness. Classic styling doesn't have to mean boring, after all. Guys, you work your body hard to get it to look like it does under your clothes. There's no reason why your underwear can't live up to all that hard work, too.

With everyone tightening their budgets' belts these days, today's retailers offer many sexy and hip selections that are as wallet-friendly as they are eye-catching. A pair of royal blue bikinis is cheaper than the cost of gasoline it would take for a night out, let alone the price of dinner. Cook dinner for her in these and the food won't be the only thing that's hot in the kitchen!

Let's face it, unless you prefer "going commando," underwear are a fact of everyday life. Which would you rather have - the same old boring shorts and briefs your father and maybe even his father had, or something more dangerous, more dare-devilish, more modern, more YOU? We're at the edge of a new millennium here, and your underwear shouldn't scream last century, should they? Take the plunge, find out what the girls already know - a pair of sexy underwear can make you look and feel better about yourself, no matter what your day (or night) brings. And when the clothes come off, a pair of delicious looking underwear can whet any lover's appetite!About Author:At NuWear.com we focus exclusively on mens underwear for those who want to show off a hot physique or just have a little more fun. Our selection includes silk and satin to lounge wear in stretch microfiber and more. Visit http://www.nuwear.com/ online today.
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