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By: Peter Garant
One of the most common and reliable types of proxy server that is commonly used by computer users, public proxy allows several computer systems in a single location with the same server to gain access on web pages or electronic resources that have or use different servers. In order to maximize the benefits from using this type of proxy, people should know its special uses as well as functions. Meanwhile, to prevent experience problems that are usually associated with the use of this computer application, it is important that computer users know the limitations of using this specific computer program.

Anonymity of Computer Users

Public proxy is very helpful in maintaining the anonymity or privacy of people or computer users who want to access some resources. With the use of this computer program, clients can get the data they need and at the same time hide some personal information like the IP addresses of their computers. Because of this characteristic, the use of this server has become famous among corporations and nonprofit organizations. For groups who want to use this computer application, they can install it in three different ways. First, it is safe to install this proxy between LAN and Internet. Second, they can also configure the program between backend server and Internet. Finally, the server can be efficiently used if it is installed between LAN and backend server.

Proxy Web Browsing

Public proxy is very useful in proxy web browsing. For some computer users who experience difficulty in accessing blocked websites, they can use this computer application and proxy web browsing to negotiate with the servers of the sites. In this regard, people can get the resources that they need and still remain anonymous to other computer users.

Utility of the Computer Application

Many people use public proxy during the time when the number of computer users is at its peak. For instance, if there is an exciting and interesting sports event that will be broadcasted, computer users may have a hard time viewing it in the Internet since there is a possibility that excess in bandwith limitation will occur. In this case, people can use this computer program to easily access the websites that will feature the sports event. However, to make sure that the server will be reliable and efficient, computer users are advised to check the performance or efficiency of their computer networks since it can surely affect the effectiveness of proxies in some locations.

Proxy List

For those who want to use this computer application, they can always check out some of the available public proxy list in their areas. When referring to this list, people should always be updated since it is always subject to time. In order to get this list, computer users need to contact and pay computer service providers to access them. However, for those who do not have budget allotted for accessing this proxy list, there are some websites that provide this data. By having reliable and efficient Internet connection, computer users can try these servers anytime and anywhere.About Author:Peter Garant has written many articles about Proxy Sites for a recently launched website about Proxys. Visit An Intensive Glimpse at Public Proxy.
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