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By: Mikki Bradford
Also, remember about using cream around the eyes. Don't rub or stretch the eye area too much. Apply the cream with your band finger since it has minimal pressure. The skin under the eyes is very thin and much softer than the remaining face.

However in adults, unlike children, the skin already produces a sufficient amount of fatty substances. Methods, supersaturated body fat, clog pores, disrupt skin respiration, slow down the process of cell division, could cause inflammation of your skin.
Baby creams are really effective, but only for the care of particularly dehydrated areas - heels, knees, elbows. To do this, add a large number of fatty elements to baby creams. USE OF BABY CREAMS.
Some producers of cosmetics for children claim that creams designed for children, perfectly moisturize and dry skin of adults. The truth is that in kids the water-lipid mantle will be underdeveloped, and the child's skin needs good hydration. That is nothing more than a marketing move.

This is because water evaporates from the surface of the skin during sleep.
The simplest way to reduce moisture loss is by using a humidifier. This is because of transepidermal water loss over night. It increases the humidity in the area and your skin does not lose its own moisture. TURN ON THE BEDROOM HUMIDIFIER
When we awaken, our skin is really as dehydrated as possible.

Remember not to overdo it with hydration. After 40 years, items with anti-aging agents, such as pomegranate extract, ought to be used. However, dry epidermis is among the factors behind premature aging.

You can't hide them, they are always in sight, so when your lips are cracked, weathered, dry, no make-up will save you. Lips _ this is the place that can emphasize the beauty and neatness of the lady. A woman can buy any expensive lipstick, but it will not really hide all of the shortcomings of unkempt lips.

Unfortunately, everyone has bad behaviors and some of them are usually harmful to the lips: Our lips have become sensitive and are negatively affected by sudden adjustments in temperature, humidity, wind, dust and ultraviolet lighting.

Another good way to get rid of cracks in the lips _ massage with peeling effect. To make your lips attractive, you need to use a lip scrub. To get this done, take olive oil and sugars in equal amounts (0.5 teaspoons). Peach and apricot kernel oil also nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

In general, children's cosmetics (cream, essential oil, powder, etc.) are excellent for skin care. One of the best ways to look after your lips would be to apply baby essential oil before going to bed _ it is a great alternative to hygienic lipstick.

Apply the aesthetic on the lips for 15 minutes, then gently massage the lips in a circular movement. Such masks can't be washed off _ depart it until completely absorbed. Frequently do evening masks and massages;
For nourishing and moisturizing masks, ghee and butter, honey, cocoa butter, coconut and olive oils, and cucumber juice are suitable.

If you sleep on your own back, your skin can look much better. Conversely, sleeping face to face on a pillow is a dangerous enemy of beauty. This is because liquid can build-up and lead to swelling and bags under the eyes.

Excessive hair loss is usually rarely a purely cosmetic problem. Hair generally responds to changes in wellness, which reflects our life style and eating habits. This is often the cause of skin condition.

The habit of licking or biting your lips.
First of all, this habit can hardly be called good, because regular biting of the lips will not only irritate others, but also damage the thin epidermis and mucous membranes of the lips, which entails various uncomfortable consequences, including the possibility of infection or bacterial infection.

Drink more water;
Drink plenty of water _ a mandatory eight glasses a day. Another great and easy way to moisturize your lips is a tea compress. By following a proper drinking regimen, you can maintain a normal degree of skin hydration, which means that the problem of dry lips will surely disappear. Our skin feels thirsty not merely in the summer heat, but all year round. Brewed bag of black or green tea, slightly squeezed and hot, you need to put on your lips for 3-4 minutes.

A wholesome scalp contains about 80 % of the entire body wellness beauty's hair roots in the growth stage. The key to increasing curly hair density and stimulating hair growth primarily requires stimulating dormant hair follicles. Therefore, we must use specialized scalp care products. Baldness is the result of an imbalance between hair thinning and tresses regrowth.

Clean-clear, but at what price?
Abundant foam - a sign that cosmetics use a pretty corrosive surfactant, because of which, in fact, and is cleaning: Peacocks dissolve and get rid of dirt. For example, lauryl sulfate, which deprives the skin of vital lipids. Or isopril, often causes acne and adjustments in pigmentation.
Prefer items that form a minimum of foam. By the way, beauticians strongly recommend to clean dry sensitive skin with milk, instead of gel or foam. Fascination with sparkling cosmetics.
Many women think that the more the cleaning gel foams, the higher - it will clean the skin to shine!
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