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By: Paul Larsky
You may be surprised at all the options available for cleaning and whitening your teeth. But since we are cost conscious, a lot of these choices involve using common household items. Even with that approach, there are a number of methods using different ingredients. However, you can use the same products in different types of ways. So perhaps the best approach is to use what appeals to you and is also safe for your particular system. You should also be aware that some methods use ingredients that contain natural acids. So this basically means that you should be safe and rinse your mouth out when after your cleansing. Also, do not clean your teeth too much and damage your teeth's enamel.

We came up with an appealing way for cleaning that we liked. This involves utilizing charcoal powder. We really suggest that you look into buying the food grade powder from a health food store. You should research and look for the stores that carry natural and herbal products as alternatives. The basic method involves wetting your toothbrush and sprinkling a little bit of charcoal powder and brushing. We think that the purpose of this strategy for brightening teeth uses an abrasive compound. Of course, your teeth will have stains for a little while. So rinse and brush over again and do not forget to rinse out your toothbrush. You should do this once a week.

Another technique calls for rubbing your teeth with various ingredient. For example, we have seen the suggestion to rub teeth with the inside of lemon peel.

Also, rubbing your teeth with olive oil has been known to be efficient. Naturally, the next step would be to rinse your mouth out with diluted apple cider after the olive oil rub. However, when it comes to the lemon peels, you would need to rub vigorously to mix it up with the citric acid to make things work. Remember that any type of acid will have a slight dissolving action on your teeth which means your enamel. So once again, as we always recommend; avoid using acidic whiteners so you do not cause problems later on with thin enamel.

When you buy toothpaste at the grocery store or pharmacy, you can also find the tooth whitening variety. Toothpaste of this kind has extra ingredients, often including peroxide, to whiten your teeth. Peroxides are used in quite a few different kinds of homemade tooth whitening preparations. Keep in mind, though, that toothpaste made for whitening your teeth should not be used exclusively. Dentists will usually tell you to not have your teeth whitened or bleached more than twice a year to avoid harming their enamel. So you should not brush excessively or very frequently with toothpastes that are specifically designed to whiten your teeth. You should always consider what tooth whitening remedies to use. Consider any allergic reactions you've had in the past, regarding the ingredients. These homemade whitening solutions are not meant for daily use. Take extra care of your teeth enamel to avoid undue loss of the life of your

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