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By: Jason Cribbs
Enhancing the page rank of your website is the most important step that you can take towards the traffic generation aspect, because traffic from Google is known to be highly relevant and of good quality. The page rank is nothing but a rank that's given by Google to a particular page, which helps the search engine determine the importance of the page. A bunch of different factors can affect the page rank of your site but that isn't a huge problem if you know what you're doing. You will find a few ways to raise your website's page rank in this article.
Creating and publishing targeted articles is the way to go when it comes to increasing your site's page rank. There are a few article directories which are great for helping website owners raise their sites page rank. A few examples are: EzineArticles.com, ArticleDashboard.com, IdeaMarketers.com, GoArticles.com, etc. These sites all have high page rank. Just so you stay within the rules and don't get your account closed, make sure to read the rules for each individual article directory before submitting articles.

A simple innocent mistake could result in getting your account closed, so be sure not to waste all of your hard work and effort. For website owners there is a great value in getting links from article directories. Article marketing is really one of the easiest ways to help raise your site's page rank.
For the best overall results, it's always a good idea to only use original content on your website. Strictly using high quality original content will be far more beneficial to your site in the long run. You should make it a rule for yourself to never use copied content from anywhere, even if the content is your own. Keep your site on Google's good side by using only original content.

Google is always on the lookout to provide their searchers with relevant, high value content.

Create a contest on your website inviting other webmasters and bloggers to link to your site and win a prize. Not many people use this topic--maybe they don't know about it or they think it is shady. But if you apply it, you'll see a swarm of backlinks coming to your site for the relevant keyword just because of a simple contest that you started.

It's nearly impossible to keep your website in the good graces of various search engines if you aren't providing a steady stream of fresh, on-topic content to keep it up to date - very little matters other than this in the long run. Conversions are the life's blood of your site or blog but without targeted traffic coming your way it's nearly impossible to get. It will also be difficult to harness sales and capture new leads. The reason that page rank is so effective is that with it you will be able to get tons of free traffic that is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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