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By: Mildred Lowe
Alaska Airlines is not the best known airline in the world, but it's been around for a long time and it's managed to survive while many others in the industry failed. Two of the reasons for the success of Alaska Airlines are the implementation of the latest cutting-edge technologies and attention to its customers needs and comfort. Besides flying to, and around, Alaska, Alaska Airlines has flights all throughout the Western United States, as well as to Mexico and Hawaii. In this article, we'll be looking at some facts about Alaska Airlines and how it can serve your travel needs.

If you want to stay on top of the news at Alaska Airlines, you might want to consider becoming a regular visitor to their website. You can make travel arrangements several ways with Alaska Airlines, but online is the easiest way for a lot of people. Most airlines, as well as Alaska Airlines, make it a habit to post short-term, spur-of-the-moment great deals on their websites. It's a good idea to make it a habit to log on regularly. Most of the special, highly-discounted fares aren't offered for very long and rarely appear anywhere except on Alaska Airlines' website. It really will benefit you in the long run if you pay attention. Especially if you know you will need airfare for one of Alaska Airlines routes, it will pay you to keep an eye on their website. Who knows, your special package just might be the next highly-discounted special they offer. If you have Alaska Airlines' Insider Newsletter delivered to your email inbox, you will learn about their "email deals." You get first notice of such things as fare sales and Mileage Plan Specials.

The airline industry recognizes that Alaska Airlines is in the forefront when it comes to installing new technologies advantageous to its flyers. For example, in 2004 they began a patented process at International Airport in Anchorage known as Airport of the Future?. They eliminated the conventional ticket counters that all airline passengers dread waiting in line for and replaced them with convenient and numerous kiosks and bag-check stations. What did this accomplish? Passengers now only have to wait half the time that they did before. Alaska Airlines and its sister carrier, Horizon Air, were the first airlines with an online presence which allows customers to book their flights online. Alaska Airline's goal to introduce the newest modifications and technology to ensure a favorable experience by its customers is clear in just these examples alone.

Travelers enjoy collecting mementos to remind them of their vacations - not only from the cities they travel to, but from the airlines they fly with. It's nice to have a logo souvenir from the airline you flew on. The actual flight to and from your destination can be a very momentous part of your trip. You can even buy gift certificates and gift cards at the Alaska Airlines store, as well as model airplanes and luggage tags. There's a variety of unisex apparel, such as shirts, sweatshirts and pullover hoodies. Even the kiddies and babies aren't left out. There are many items that cater to the "wee ones." This merchandise can not only be useful during your trip, but it can serve as a reminder of your travels in the years to come.

In conclusion, Alaska Airlines is a small but customer friendly airline that offers flights to many destinations in North America. While the name might lead you to assume that they're mainly focused on Alaska, the fact is you can get to places as diverse as Mexico and Hawaii on this airline, so they're worth considering for your next vacation.

Mildred has been publishing articles and reviews since 2005 and one of her favourite subject areas is product evaluations. her other websites include, Pull Up Bars, http://www.pullupbarguide.com

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