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By: Mildred Lowe
For many years there have been heated debates about the different types of anabolic steroids. How have they been used? How have they been misused? People throughout the world first began to realize that an athlete could augment his or her performance through the use of steroids as far back as the '60s and '70s. The Olympic Games were when people began to pay attention to the fact that particular events, such as weight lifting, were being dominated by certain countries. Since then, much has developed and differences of opinion continue. Nothing much has changed as time moves on. Even now, in this 21st Century, you can still find abuse of all forms of steroids. To help you know more about anabolic steroids, this report will focus on some illustrations to increase your education.

Athletes, as well as performing body builders, oftentimes find Clenbuterol useful. This steroid is usually called, Clen, for short and works to burn fat. There are receptors in the body that let off fat cells. CLEN affects these specific receptors. Once these fat cells are successfully freed, they are processed as a fuel and as a thermogenic agent which helps the body lose weight. One interesting item of note is this steroid has been used by veterinarians around the world on livestock. A lot of countries have now banned the use of CLEN for animals that will be eaten by humans, but there is still wide-spread use of CLEN in some countries for this purpose. Nonetheless, veterinarians in the United States cannot use CLEN on any animals as it is prohibited. This steroid has been very popular within sports for an unusually long time. In sports, the most common method of delivery of these steroids is either by injection or by pill. If someone chooses to inject anabolic steroids, they can either inject intramuscularly or subcutaneously. But there are two other types of anabolic steroids that are not as well-known, transdermal and nasal spray. Asthma patients are often prescribed the nasal spray type. A medical doctor who has an asthma patient and is considering prescribing an anabolic steroid in nasal spray form, must very carefully compute the patient's dosage. These transdermal steroids that one applies directly to the skin are also available in gel form, as well as in a cream base.

Deca Durabolin is a brand name for Nandrolone Decanoate steroid. Steroids that are similar to Nandrolone Decanoite, are grouped with it and called "Deca." The side effects of Deca compounds are not considered dangerous. Conversely, if they use Deca, bodybuilders will not see the same results in enhanced muscle mass that they might find in other steroids. Being milder than other steroids, Deca is not as useful for an athlete who is looking to enhance his or her performance. However, in the medical community, Deca is used with AIDS patients to help increase and maintain their body weight. The negative effects of Deca are much less than with other steroids, so that makes this a very good choice in the medical community, most especially for people who are afflicted with AIDS. One side effect, however, that must be kept in mind is the slight androgenic effect produced by Deca.

Without a doubt, the diverse formulations of anabolic steroids have multiple uses as is proven through many years of research and documented usage. Moreover, it's plain to see that just this one classification of steroids has many beneficial uses, and it's easy to understand how immense the combined usage of all three categories of steroids can be. So the amount of work and years of analysis that have gone into steroid research is not the least bit unprecedented based on the benefits they provide. The commercial potential with all three classes of steroids is immense. In addition, one cannot overlook the benefits of the medical use derived from some of these anabolic steroids - and others, as well.

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