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By: dr
If you are having trouble to get conceiving then fertility tests are likely to be high on your list of priorities. One these type such test is the sperm count test. This test measures the amount of sperm in a unit volume of the semen. Usually, there are 20 million to 150 million of sperm per milliliter in that . A sperm count lower that this indicates totally that a man maybe suffering from fertility problems.

In the last few years there has been a vast drop in male fertility. It would seem that sperm are sensitive to their surroundings and a-less-than healthy environment can affect the quality and amount of sperm produced. Some of the suspected causes for low sperm count are the dietary inadequacy,

Here are the top things you strictly need to know about male infertility and sperm count tests:

1. Male infertility is the very common issue. In fact, here about one in twenty males is sub-fertile. In the United States alone that more than 2 million men are declared infertile annually.

2. Causes of the male infertility include the most disrupted formation of quality sperm and the interference in the successful transport of the sperm that from the testes to the female partner��s vagina. If the testes, for instance it is exposed to high temperatures for quite a time, such would affect the proper formation of sperm.

3. Sperm count tests may produce low results because of the various reasons, one of which is the genetics. There are men who are born without the needed genetic makeup and which could spur normal sperm production.

4. The normal sperm count is more than the 20 million per milliliter. However, if your sperm count falls below this amount then it does not essentially mean that you have severe infertility.

5. Men who are in infertile relationships may want to seek medical assistance from the doctors with specialties on reproductive health. This is mainly true if you have had genital surgery, infections, undescended testes or just perhaps if you have been fertile before.

6. Doctors will ask you about the sufficiency and frequency of your sexual relations. The doctor may also observe the size and total texture of your testes during male fertility tests.

7. The quality of semen really varies between men. Hence, there is a need that a male infertility or sperm count test should be through only after two to five days of sexual abstinence. This will ensure that the total correct sperm count will be produced and determined.

Properties of good sperms as mentioned in Ayurveda Treatment

� Bahal (thick)
� Madhur (sweet)
� Snigdh (unctuousness)
� Guru (heavy)
� Picchill (slimy)
� Shukl (white) in colour
� Smell less

Reason for the decreased quality of sperms

� Older age
� Stress
� Disease those like vericoceole, diabetes etc.
� Doing more physical and the mental activities
� Obesity
� Over indulgence in the sexual activities and masturbation
� Consumption of drug and alcohol
� Usage of steroids
� Smoking
� Wearing of tight underwear which put extra pressure on the testicles
� Using of excess of hot water that during bathing
� Excess exposure to heat
� Exposure to the radiations especially greater than 60 radians
� Consumption of unhealthy and the non nutritious food

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