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It’s true. Out of all the tweets you may come across daily, they are likely being posted by a mere 0.05% of tweeters. This comes as absolutely no surprise to me. Being the avid tweet watcher that I am, I’ve noticed on several occasions that most of the tweets on my timeline are being tweeted by about 5-10 of the users that I follow. Over saturation, much? I’m thinking definitely. A few people (I won’t name any names) really took this whole Twitter thing and ran with it. Yes, this platform was created to be utilized but too much of anything can’t be good for you…or me, right?

Listen, 0.05%, I have an opinion about you that you may or may not take heed to, goes a little something like this: If you have enough time and energy to tweet every little move, decision, gesture you make then your life can’t possibly be in the least bit interesting. You tweet as if it’s the best life ever imagined. As a follower I know of every compliment you received that day, I know where you’re headed and where you’re coming from, I know what you ate, I know who said what to you and in what manner, I know what you’re wearing, I know your every mood; I know it all. Here’s something you may not know, however: I really do not care. There, I said it. If your life were as interesting as you thought it was there wouldn’t be that much time to tweet. Why, you ask? Well, because you’d be too busy LIVING, for goodness sake.

A recent Yahoo research study has revealed that a mere 20,000 Twitter users account for HALF of the tweets and there are a billion tweets every week. I know at least 50 of these 20,000 users firsthand. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find the other 19,950 but I’ll spare myself; one can only take so much.

You 0.05% users may find a little pride in knowing that research referred to you guys as “elite” users. I’m more inclined to refer to you a little differently but I’ll go ahead and keep that to myself. These “elite” users are divided into 5 categories: “ordinary” elites (a bit of an oxymoron, wouldn’t you say?), media, celebrities, organizations and bloggers. Media, celebrities, organizations and bloggers, consider yourselves excused. You “ordinaries,” this one’s for you.

Don’t get me wrong, ordinaries, if there is something that you just have to say, by all means, say it. I don’t follow you for you to say nothing at all. I don’t follow you for you to say everything, either. I think there is a healthy median that can be found somewhere in there. Don’t silence yourselves for little ol’ me. I’m just a tweet watcher who occasionally throws a remark in here and there. I’d hate for it to be implied that I’m a better tweeter than you because I don’t tweet it all. No, not saying in the least. I will, however say, that life seems a whole lot less interesting under your telescope. You’d be surprised how far a little mystery could take you. So if you would please, excuse me while I live.
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