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By: Trey Pennewell
Everything online requires content, and articles are just one form of content. Learning how to write articles and create content should be a focal point for anyone looking to start a business or even a hobby online, after all like the saying goes, content is king.

Here are some tips to help you write better articles:

1. Write with an end goal in mind. Different types of articles work for different reasons. If you are looking for syndication and publication on authority websites, you're not going to want short, full of fluff 300-word articles. Instead, you'll want to go with long informative 800-1000 word articles that actually deliver quality information on your topic, in a format that is attractive to ezine and authority publishers.

2. Do your research beforehand. The better you know the topic, the easier it will be to write for it. Simply by knowing your topic, you can drastically reduce the time it takes to create informative articles your readers will enjoy. Attempt to comprehend your topic, before you sit down to write.

3. Just write. The more you write, the better you will get at it. And not just on your topic. Challenge yourself. Write on anything and everything, and your overall writing skills will improve, not to mention your typing speed. Both things will help you reduce writing time in the long run.

4. Write with the reader in mind. Instead of writing for your own purpose, think about it from the readers perspective. What is the reason they are reading your article? Are you addressing their needs and concerns? If you can get into the mind of your reader and what they are seeking from you and your writing, you'll be better equipped to write an article they will appreciate.

5. If you are writing for back links, keywords matter. If you are writing for readers, forget about them. Keywords only help you get found in the search engines. If you are preparing high quality articles for syndication, you'll get the readers from the sites where you are published. That's not to say you want to go completely off topic, simply that keywords aren't vital, and if you are writing on topic anyways, you will naturally include related keywords and the search engines will figure out where you belong in their search results. As Google recommends, create your content for your reader, to improve your chances of ranking well in Google. In my articles, I have found this to be always true.

6. Learn to craft captivating titles. Titles are one of the most important parts of the article marketing and writing battle. It doesn't matter how informative or well written your article is, if the title doesn't make readers open the article. Spend some time on your title. Actually focus on making it reader friendly and interesting. Your bottom line will thank you for this.

7. Write with passion. If you are bored to tears by your topic, chances are your writing is going to reflect your boredom, be dry and present less than glamorous prose. If you are in love with your topic, it will shine through your words and come across to the reader. This is one reason many suggest when you are just getting started to go with a passion. It is much simpler to write about something that you get emotional about, than to write about something you have no emotional investment in.

8. Don't proof read and spell check as your write. Stopping and changing your mind frame from creation to editing can interrupt your flow of thought. Instead focus on getting the thoughts and ideas down, and then go back and do the spelling and grammar checks later. You'll find your mind thinks and writes that much quicker by using this method.

9. Focus on quality. There will forever be the debate over quality and quantity. Few take into consideration that quality will naturally breed quantity, through syndication and other methods. If you are consistently providing high quality articles, publishers will love utilizing your content and do so on a regular basis. And the more publishers that take notice of your work, the more targeted traffic you will be getting. Quality content will produce much more targeted traffic than the traffic coming from article directories and other such places.

10. Turn off your word count tool. Stop checking the word count and simply write until the idea has been fully explained to the reader. If that takes 300 words so be it. If it takes 1000, then let it. Stopping the flow of ideas simply to stay in line with a word count is a sure fire way to leave your articles lacking that finished feel.

11. Read. Yes, read. The more you read and the more you expand your horizons, the better your writing will be. Simply taking in the written word, exploring and understanding other writing methods and formations will help you in your own writing. It can also help you increase your vocabulary and find styles that really reach out and grab readers by the eyeballs.

12. Check out what the competition is doing, and do it better. If your competition is providing lackluster articles that barely wet your taste for the subject, go above and beyond, and your readers will notice. By knowing what kind of content you are trying to compete with, you can improve your own skills and marketing mindset.

13. Use the language of your target audience. If you are writing for highly educated people, your writing should reflect that. If you are writing for mass appeal, stick to relatively lower level writing, think grade-8 levels. If a grade-8 student could read and interpret what you are saying, you have succeeded. If they cannot, you may want to revise your writing style and language.

14. Understand that writing is a skill. And as such, needs to be constantly worked upon. Malcolm Gladwell stated in "Outliers" it takes 10,000 hours to master something. Master writing by continually working on it and the improvement of your skills. And by the time you reach 10,000 hours of work, you'll have mastered the skill and no longer need others tips and techniques to make your writing vibrant and a success.

Hopefully these tips will help you master article writing and marketing. In the end, all that really matters is that you actually do it. No amount of tips or tricks are going to help you if you don't just get started and get that writing underway. Begin writing and over time your skills and abilities will improve, and your writing will reflect your growing knowledge and skills. Writing starts the same way for everyone, with a blank page waiting to be filled. Get started filling yours today.About Author:Get a copy of, "Article Marketing Secrets: Turning Words Into Dollars". And improve your writing speed with, "How To Write Articles Fast In 20 Minutes or Less Without Sacrificing Quality". Receive twice-weekly general marketing tips: http://thephantomwriters.com/karmaonline Written by Trey Pennewell.
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