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By: Thomas Bjorn
Some couples have serious issues with constantly arguing in a relationship. In many cases, fighting happens so often that it becomes a type of bad habit in the relationship, happening ridiculously frequently. Though it is sometimes hard to break that habit, just as it is with any habit, this type of interaction needs to cease. There are several reasons that this is a very unhealthy way to live. Firstly, this type of consistent fighting can lead to harsh words and feelings, and even violence. It makes friends and loved ones very uncomfortable around you, and it can ultimately cause a break up in the relationship.

The first nasty result of constant fighting and arguing in a relationship is that there are harsh words said that cause harsh feelings. Saying, I'm sorry, is often not enough of a band-aid for some people. Many times, when people are angry at each other, even if they care a great deal for each other, they say things that they later regret and, at the time, do not even mean. Even if the argument is over and all is forgiven, this type of harshness sometimes hangs over into the relationship far after the altercation is over. Another thing these types of arguments can lead to is physical violence from either party. This is definitely a place you do not want this arguing to escalate to.

Another thing that can happen if you happen to argue with each other in the company of other people is that people will no longer wish to be around you as a couple. Having someone argue in front of you makes for a very uncomfortable situation. If this happens on such a regular basis that you become known for it, people will begin to decline social invitations, and may begin to avoid you both all together. Being known for constantly bickering is not a good way to be remembered by friends.

One final bad result of arguing all the time with your mate is probably the most obvious. Eventually, the arguing will become tiresome and too hurtful to bear. When this happens, it ultimately could lead to the break up of the relationship. Though at the time, breaking up may be the desirable alternative to consistent bickering, it is probably not the ultimate desire when the relationship first started. If you can find a way to get past the things that have been said before and forgive, you may be able to keep the relationship from falling apart.

The negative effects of constantly arguing in a relationship are not just on you and your spouse, though those are enough. Negative effects include harsh words and hurt feelings, sometimes escalating to violence, making others uncomfortable around the both of you, and breaking up. While these are all devastating effects to the couple itself, it is also devastating to those who are around and care for the couple as well. This type of conflict in a relationship is so negative and unhealthy, and if it is possible to resolve, it should be for the sake of the relationship.About Author:Thomas writes articles for singles looking for the online dating services with personal ads.
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