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By: Janise Majette
Anyone who has been involved with IM knows how popular Clickbank is for affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you can spend a very long time pouring over the 12,000+ digital products at Clickbank. Another great feature of CB is they handle all transactions for their products plus they will pay your affiliates for you. If you are a Clickbank vendor, then you should take the time to get some knowledge so you can do things right. Here is a presentation covering three typical Clickbank vendor mistakes that you can easily avoid.

Firstly, you need to focus on creating professional and credible website design as well as sales copy. You just can't fake that kind of thing on the Internet. With so many scam products for sale on the Internet, it's no wonder people are wary about which digital products they'll purchase. Your site needs to convey full support for any claims you make. For instance, if you're promoting an ebook that promises to teach people how to make loads of money very quickly, do you think they'll trust you if your site is cheap and nasty on a free web host? Your site and your product need to be as professional and credible as possible to gain the trust you want from your prospects. Another common mistake is not being clear enough about what you're offering your customers. You're selling intangible digital products that your customers can't pick up and check out before they purchase from you. So you need to be precise in your description so there's no confusion over what they're getting. Your product description is important, but showing a representation of your product with a graphic of a book cover can help to make the product seem more tangible. You'll find the majority of the top vendors on Clickbank focus on the copy along with the design, which includes relevant graphics, giving a concrete idea to your prospects about your product.

You definitely want to have two, three, or maybe four calls to action rather than just one at the end.

You can make good use of both graphics and text ordering links. You can also overdo it, so the best thing to do is test for the number and locations of your order links. When you are ever in doubt about something in your sales copy, then the answer is to test. But at the same time, you shouldn't overdo the order buttons. Rest assured there is a right number for your letter and your market; you need to find it. In closing, in order to succeed as a Clickbank vendor, it's your responsibility to ensure everything is done the right way. It might take a bit of time to set things up, but if you stay focused and be patient, you'll get those results you're after.

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