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By: MikeChanLxy88
Due to busy work together with the network of instability, and after the failure of the TBC Master of fun times and continue to decline sharply, I reluctantly AFK for nearly half a year, with the November 13 Lich King cream of sadness South blade means, I from a long meditation in waking up, wearing Dahongpao, once again set foot on a new journey. Our journey is the sea and stars, in my AKF six months, EVO practice of the original oath: Well the sun swept almost all the server's first boss when the world's 150 Down Kil'jaeden and 3.0 respectively before and after the carcasses to make the League of the main City (I served the League of tribal 2:1), two Mission Bear dramatic battle, it can be said, whether PvE or pvp have stood on the server and even the pinnacle of Chinese Society, with apologies to leave the team, I shouted: brothers, I also came back! With the Lich King opening up, a large number of old people AFK regression, together with wow gold the continuous influx of new recruits, the night-line 150 +, the Hong Kong Association of prosperity, the entire server from the dead has become a flourishing night queuing 300 +, a new piece of information so that World of Warcraft rejuvenated once again, I expect soon to see a new sale record and registered users to increase again.

However, a new beginning is often not perfect, wow gold world warcraft gold 2V2, rather than specifically to fight the hunters there is not any need to worry about the talent. Blizzard in the TBC committed a considerable number of stupid mistakes, I sincerely hope that the information in the new film in time for them to interview the original commitment to bring us a mysterious new world of fun fair , on the current situation seems somewhat disappointing: All-Star Association of SK mother tablets in the data 68 hours after the opening 30 minutes of light-ching Raid all copies of the information declared the end of the first phase of tablets,/to violence Snow issued a stark provocation: Ah, wow gold you will not do the game? Take a look at this kind of a copy of the difficulty of Java, are Russia TMD into the box! The next piece of information before us is also able to play more high-what? !!

About the Author:

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