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By: Michael Scott
The cost of Viagra keeps on rising, so no wonder more shoppers are turning to online to purchase Viagra online. The problem is, more than 50% of the Viagra on the internet is Not Authentic and if taken can cause harm to your body. Real Pfizer Viagra is FDA-approved and meets the rulings of the FDA, where generic Viagra does not and is illegal to purchase. Safe to say, the best way to purchase Viagra online and save on money are to follow these 10 tips to Not Getting Ripped Off when buying Viagra online:

1) Make sure the website distributing Viagra has a Toll Free Number
2) Do phone that Toll Free Number and ask a few questions to feel them out a bit to make sure they are located in the United States
3) Make sure the website is located in the USA. Check their contact info, and the address should be listed. If the address is not listed, forward on to the next website.
4) Are the medications listed for less than $20 a tablet? If so, you will know that they are generic. Do not buy from anyone with less than $20 tablet|s|Pills of Viagra
5) Do they have licensed Doctors and U.S. Pharmacies shipping their products
6) Does the website sell controlled substances? If the answer is Yes, Then stay away, as controlled substances such as steroids, barbital, amphetamine, etc...are illegal to promote online. You should see your physician for these medications.
7) Do they ship Fed Ex? Or U.S.P.S? Does the shipping take less than 5 days? If they can not do any of the 2, then you realized they sell generic Viagra shipped outside of the United States.
8) Do they offer an Instant Messaging Service? This is not a deal breaker, just a feel them out, as to how pro-active they are at running their business
9) Are there excellent reviews online about them? Check Google to see if people are giving them positive reviews
10) Do they send their packages with a signature required? I know it sounds like a hassle, but it is the law to have a signature required on medications

Read more tips at http://www.coreynahman.com/viagra.html, where you can see exactly who the Best Pharmacies are and where to purchase Safe Viagra online.

Do not get taken advantage of by purchasing unsafe Viagra Online. Instead, purchase safely from a reputable online facilitator and follow the 10 ways above.About Author:Is an editor for CoreyNahman.com, which is a Pharmaceutical News and Information website that informs consumers on Viagra Cost. Consumers can compare the price of Viagra online at http://www.coreynahman.com/viagra.html
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