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By: Evyta Ar
SEO contest is one of effective way to test our SEO skill and knowledge between a lot of SEO masters there. To win the contest, there are many works should be done by a participant. As we all know in this year, the biggest SEO contest is Busby SEO Test challenge held by Busby web solutions. Most of participants use a lot of backlinks to increase their position because more quality backlinks means higher search engine ranking. Which one is the best way to get backlinks? There is no the best, because there are so many good ways to get effective backlinks.

In this time, I want to share you about 30 minute backlinks for SEO contest. I learn about 30 minute backlink topic from Mr. Michelle MacPhearson and I try to collaborate it with some my knowledge. So, whatís that actually? Itís all about creating useful stuff for other people and get backlinks from them, in this case we will talk about useful software, you own software.

How does it work?

First, try to make your own software. Itís up to you what kind of software you want to create. Nowadays, there are a lot of facilities you can find on search engine to create your own software, try to use this simple way. You donít need to think about a complicated software, only simple one. What we need is only backlink, but remember to create useful stuff because people will like it better than rubbish one.

Second, after creating your own software, create you PAD file. PAD is the Portable Application Description. It helps the authors provide their product descriptions or specifications to online sources in standard way. PAD can save time for both authors and webmasters.

Third, you should upload your software pack include PAD file into your web server or your file directory. You need this to get a download link for your software.

Fourth, submit your software into software directories list. More directories means more backlinks and higher ranking. You can also created a different software perhaps with another variable and version. It can make updating your software publishing. When your software is read by another people, and they can feel its advantage, they will try to tell their friends, maybe by writing about your software in their website and of course with your name and link. What will you get? More backlinks. Itís so simple, isnít it?

30 minutes for all works included creating software, creating PAD file, publish on software directories, thatís all. And I think you need to publish your software to in your websites or your social bookmark, and also to your friends buddy list on your email contact. Best effort will give best result. You can try to create another software and do the same way with that. You also can make a specify website for your software publication so that people can read all of your software. But, remember to put your main website link for your contest inside the software and entry post. Good luck!

About the Author:

Evyta Ar is an author of http://evytaar.com and http://blogs-tutorial.com talking about SEO and weblog. Courtesy of: http://spin2submit.co.za
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