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By: canadaone
Leadership in any group of people could be different in its essence and scope but it is always going to represent some form of charismatic feature that one person cast over the other people in the group. Charismatic leadership - a leadership built on power, charm, ability to inspire, to lead other people to achieve certain common goals. Charismatic qualities of the leader are based on few essential factors that other people required to see in order to recognize and follow the leader.

Expert leadership is one of the essential qualities of the leader and it is based primarily on knowledge. On the model of leadership and influence company culture and specific branches, what so-called as corporate culture. There are periods in the life of the organization, when one of two models of leadership is clearly preferable, and there are times when it is not so critical. Recall the Boston matrix and try to correlate the stages of the life cycle of the organization with the preferred model of leadership.

Models of leadership could be very different from one organization to another but it is always connected to the life cycle stages of the organization, its development mode whether company expanding its business activities and interest or trying to preserve what was once achieved. It is also important to consider the the specifics of the industry and the playing field of the company, the size and the essence of business existence. In our focus only two main models of leadership: charismatic and expert.

Charismatic leadership - a leadership built on power, charm, ability to inspire, to lead. In most cases, the formal leader with charisma, is both informal: he enjoys the respect and affection of colleagues not only as a leader, but as a person. His personality is a strong motivational factor for employees. A charismatic leader is easy bringing people together and creates an excellent team. Typically, his staff demonstrate a high level of loyalty and commitment.

Expert leadership - leadership based primarily on knowledge, when the head is the best expert - an analyst, an expert, able to solve almost any challenge. Expert in this case - is not a professional who can not manage, and a specialist in their field and at the same time administrator who can help solve any problem.

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