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By: hanan jahid
If you are website owner, you would know that the purpose of strategic links is to add value to your website visitors' experience. Strategic link pages are a very useful feature for visitors. Reciprocal strategic linking will also increase traffic to your site - as long as link partner sites attract a similar target audience. As Internet users are purposeful, they will return to your site if they are able to derive valuable information from it.

Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization because many search engines such as Google give more credit to those sites that have a large number of high quality backlinks. They consider the sites with the larger numbers of backlinks to be more relevant than others in their results pages for search queries on specific keywords.

Almost every search engines rank a site with the number of incoming Quality, Relevant links (Themed Links). Google's Page Rank is most vital because 46% (Yahoo 36%, msn 15%) of the searches are done on Google and the results are entirely dependent on the Page Rank of your site. Suppose we have got 50 PR 4 links from different sites related to us. Now when a visitor clicks our link link from that site then that page pass that page rank to Google, in this way that visitor cast a vote for our site from that link page. But Google Page Rank not only depends on the quantity of the links but the Quality and Relevance of the links a page receives.

Incoming links are evaluated on certain criteria and weight, there are four major aspect of incoming links on the basis of them each links are considered more valuable.

1. Link Age

Older sites are trusted more in the search engines and have more power for ranking other sites. Google places a lot of weight on links from older sites.

2. Link Text Relevancy

Link Text Relevancy mean that you have link relevance to your site in their title and description, remember this kind of links is relevance to 100 inrelevance links.

3. Link Webpage Relevancy

The search engines scan the content on a web page and determine the relevance of specific search terms, beause of this page relevancy is also very important factor, your pointed links should be placed on the relevant pages. The overall page content should be relevant with your page.

4. Link Domain Relevancy

Link domain relevancy is not have more weight than link webpage relevancy and link text relevancy but you can consider this kind of link relevancy to have more relevance baclinks to boost your page rank.

Backlinks with related site is good to boost your search engine rank, for the example when i participating in Busby SEO Test SEO contest i see many participant with less backlinks in front of other Busby SEO Test contest participant with more backlinks, so with this example we can see how quality backlinks with relevancy will make google rank your site better than other site with more inrelevant backlinks

About the Author:

Hanan is contributor of http://evytaar.com and http://blogs-tutorial.com site dedicated for blog and seo tutorialI highly recommend visiting here for more info about http://article-frame.co.za
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