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By: rafalinares
A great deal of employers are recognizing the existence of workplace violence and harassment and developing solutions and systems to address the problem. An increase in awareness is commonly accompanied by a decrease in tolerance for incidents of abuse.

Violence and harassment at the workplace can critically compromise a work environment. For the victim, abuse can lead to anger, depression, guilt, self-doubt about competency, anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder type symptoms. Abuse can be as destructive for other workers at the workplace as it’s for the victim. Laborers can no longer feel as safe and comfortable at work. This can lead to lost productivity and decreased work performance. Overall worker morale can drop and the employer’s reputation can be jeopardized.

Recruiting and retaining staff can become more challenging. In the absence of policies, the employer can be subject to legal proceedings from victims.

Higher insurance premiums, increased workers’ compensation levy payments and lost-time claims can similarly result. Distinctly, having policies and procedures in place.
Education to increment awareness is key to eliminating workplace violence and harassment. A great deal of workers aren’t intimate with their organization’s policies on violence and harassment. Increased noesis of these policies and procedures helps in reducing the stress as a consequence of an incident.

A great deal of constituents of an effective education and training program include: Clarifying roles and responsibilities, educating staff about reporting procedures, training of crisis intervention/victim assist personnel (where suitable), training and educating those charged with investigating incidents, communication with other agencies such as police, community and social services, incrementing worker awareness about rights and available assistance and incrementing awareness of applicable legislation and the employer’s policies and procedures.

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