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By: canadaone
The leader and his leadership is always perceived as a symbol of the group. All members of groups with a high degree of cohesion tend not only to domestic but also external differences from other individuals. They resorted to the decorations in the clothing and behavior, like gangs, masons, political parties, motorcycles clubs, etc. The Leader as the core foundation and his leadership, politics, views, philosophy for both internal group behavior and external communication with non-group members, for the group members begin to function as symbols: their names are assigned to all members by association, and all activities of the group

Business owners themselves engage in such symbolism, considering their job as an extension of their personality, religious movements and sects are named after their founders of a very long time, etc. It is equally concerned various schools, representatives of which, even after the death of the leader to identify themselves with him.

All this call idols in early Christianity, and moral goes against it, to avoid creation of idols and to avoid creation of worship practices on idols, and creation of fellowship of idols. However the mind of people are still remains to be weak and we invent many new names for the same practice and behavior.

The leader as a factor that abolishes individual responsibility. Often the leader plays an important role for members of the group in their dismissal from responsibility personal actions, which they would like to avoid. The most common expression of all leaders: "All claims against me", "acting on my behalf," Tell him I ordered "- fall within this function and common confusion of the true leadership, it rather becoming a cult.

Thus, in response to the devotion of the followers, the leader takes the trouble to make decisions for them. Moreover, the followers rather willingly transfer their freedom to their assumed leaders, it rather "escape from freedom", and it rather a submissions of personal will and personal freedom, and willing enslavement, of personal will and choice, then actual follower ship of the true leadership.

The leader of the groups act as a conductor in life and behavior for all group members. Leader in most cases is the source of values and norms, standard of thinking mode, and life philosophy, that make up the group moral and common philosophy. In general, it reflects the ideology of the society to which the group belongs. In the private world-wide organization of groups are usually more consistent way of thinking leadership, rather than individual rank and file members. Looks more percolate down than vice versa, and this is especially true in cases where the leader controls the information coming into the group from the external environment.

The leader as a "scapegoat" is quite vague because all members of the groups tend to protect leader from any accusations and mis-assumptions, attributing only good understanding and judgment to the leaders behavior . However, when the group is in a state of frustration, the leader may be so substitute object, which "indiscriminately lump all fall down." A special case is the loss of team members illusions about the real objectives or the leader's personality.

Therefore, the ideological opponents of the so eagerly sought by the facts, compromising the leader of a hostile group. It is without doubt that all members of group perceive the leader of the group differently, similarly they do not equally perceived personality and actions of the leader. It is important to understand that the leader of the group as well as everyone else exists in the minds of followers as part of their own personality, meaning their own perception and understanding, the possibility of perception of human rights was limited to the individual perception of personal social perception of the leader and the group purpose. In addition, the less accessible leader, the more it gives room for imagination in the construction of the image and perception in the mind of the group members. In most case the constructed image has now much common with the real leader and the group function.

The leader also becomes as the group "father." The many functions of a leader are integrated into a comprehensive role of "father" for members of the group. A true leader - is the focus of all the positive emotions the group members, the ideal object of identification and a sense of loyalty. If a leader in some respects inconsistent with the ideals of followers, which they can be mentally "remake" his own way. "Paternal" role largely explains the almost unlimited power some history leaders has gained under certain conditions and historical and situation limitations, group member have shared in their life as a commonality.

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