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By: Glen Speckmann
Affiliate Marketing is probably the quickest and most effective way to make money online. Affiliate programs are very easy to join, everything is already set up for you, and you can start making money almost instantly. For these reasons more and more people are turning to Affiliate Marketing everyday.

However, these are the same reasons that show most people very little results for their efforts. There is a tendency to jump in head first and make some mistakes. Here are the 3 most common mistakes made by affiliate marketers that tend to cost them both time and potential earnings.

#1: Picking the wrong affiliate program.

Most affiliates are very excited when they start out and they want to make money as quickly as possible. This leads them to join the first “hot, new” affiliate program that they come across. Not only is everyone else doing the same thing, but they don’t even know if that product appeals to them. This is not a good idea.

You should first take time to figure out what interests you. In order for your business to succeed you must take time to plan and to find a niche that you will want to work with. It is much easier to promote a product that you have interest in and are passionate about.

After you find your niche, you need to find a product that appeals to you. Then you need to research this product. Is it in demand? Is the sales page converting? Is the sales page convincing or is it questionable? Would you buy it from the sales page?

#2: Joining too many affiliate programs too quickly.

Again, you are very excited and joining affiliate programs is easy, so you want to join as many of them as possible to make more money. This is wrong! It is true that you can maximize your profits by joining more programs, but there is a way to do it.

First, you must pick your initial program. Learn about it, work with it, and promote it. After you are successful with that program, then you can include another one and so on. If you choose too many, you will get lost, you will lose focus. The end result will be little or no profit.

Your strategy should be slow and steady. Keep working on your business everyday. You may not see thousands in your first month, but that will come. There is no need to rush, affiliate marketing is here to stay, but you do need to get started. Start now, start slow and stay steady.

#3: Not buying and familiarizing yourself with the product.

To succeed as an affiliate you must be able to effectively and convincingly promote your product. You must love and believe in your product. You can not do this if you don’t know anything about it. If you do not truly believe in your product, your customer will see right through you and never trust anything that you recommend. Internet marketing is built on trust and once you have that from your customer, you are “golden”.

But your product, review it, study it. You will be amazed at how much easy it is to promote a product once you believe in it. On the other side, if the product is trash, then you can move on to another one and spare your customers. Remember, a one time customer is a sale; a repeat customer is a business.

Most new affiliate marketers make these mistakes and that is why they are not successful. Your main goal is to take the time to build a strong business, one step at a time.

About the Author:

Glen Speckmann is a successful Internet Marketer and offers free advice on making money on the internet and personal development. More great articles can be found at http://www.gjsmarketing.com Subscribe to my free newsletter to receive a very informative free report. My newsletter is published at least once weekly and covers all aspects of making you a better you!For updated information on http://articlesite.co.za please visit this site.
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