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By: canadaone
The leader of the team can only be a one single person, an individual who would impersonate all or at least most important traits that shared among other members of the group. Leader is an form of embodiment of maximization of the commonality shared by the group. Leader can only be one, other can be treated respectfully and their superior authorities can also be view as adequately important, but leader can only be one person. This is a common judgment made by sociologist who study social groups and behavior of people in the groups. What so interesting about this judgment is that a cliche and stereotype, it could well be true, but it is still a stereotype. I my opinion today we have to view the issues of leadership in a much broader sense.

The leader essence is to controls the activity of the group and each member individually. It is hard to formulate the question: who is the leader in the team? or who can become the leader of the team ? However, the answer rather simple: Whoever sets the real procedure, the rules for others to follow, the rules of the game in which the given team lives. Additionally we have to ask mandatory question is the given team or group of people a real team in life? the answer also rather simple. In real team, in real group the rules of the game expands out of the game, and affects all aspects of real life for each and every member of the team.

The rules set forth for all members of the group to follow is the real law of life for members. Living by the rules - is the standard formula for successful team. This type of behavior will be qualitative and definitive for all members providing the rules of formal and informal interaction, by and between all members of the group and interactions with people outside the group. However, the leader of the team is the only person who can on its own initiative change something in the rules or its applications. These change in the rules are fulfilled and implemented by all members of the team, without exception, if the authority of the leader remains to be undisputed.

Agreement by all members of the team to follow the rules set forth by the leader speaks of an agreement of each and every member of the team with the binding policies and what most importantly is an individual agreement with the binding philosophy and core idea that have initially made the team united into one single group. Unity to the groups on the part of all members are recognition of the common views and believes and methods of participating in the social activities where as many acts as one.

Group will stay active and united for as long as the common believes and philosophy stay unchanged and is not regarded as disputable, for as long as core values of the groups remains to be unchanged and personal deviance is minimal and not conflicting with the main principles, the group leader remains in the power to govern all group members.

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