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By: Hak Majali
Online backup service is not just a place to store data on it; it must come with many important features to satisfy our needs. Here are the most important and advanced features that are not available in all online backup services providers:

Advanced Archiving Online Backup must support file archiving where files being overwritten or deleted could be kept in a separate archived location for future reference if you need them. This helps system administrators to retrieve accidentally deleted or overwritten files. This adds an extra layer of security by protecting against your unintentional errors.

Advanced Reporting Online Backup must provide two types of reports for each replication session. A detailed report includes complete information about the backup session which includes folders/files that have been backed up, backup size, duration of backup and success/failure status reports. A summary report includes success/failure status report. Both kinds of reports can be saved in a certain folder if logging is enabled. Also, it must have the ability to email the report after each replication session according to email addresses provided by the user.

QoS Support Online Backup must support quality of service QoS feature. This allows the user to throttle the bandwidth consumption along with the CPU utilization according userís selected thresholds. This guarantees the availability of resources for other applications and services running on the userís system or network.

VSS and None VSS Backup for online backup on windows, backups can be generated form a Microsoft Volume snapshot copy service or directly from disk. The good service is VSS aware and can benefit from this technology to generate a consistent point in time backup. it can control the VSS process by allowing the user to specify if VSS writers to run or not. In addition, it can backup directly from disk if needed. Direct disk backup would be the only option in case we deal with backing up from External USB drive, network drive, and FAT32 volumes.
More Important Online Backup Features
File Sharing it must allow you to share your files with your friends. This is very helpful for end users specially when dealing with large size files.

Opened File Backup it must give you the ability to back up files that are frequently left open, such as Outlook files (*.pst) or SQL database files. This feature allows IT administrators to run backup jobs at any time of the day.

Locked File Backup it must give you the ability to back up locked files when they are opened or closed.

Network Backup it must give you the ability to backup multiple computers, servers or Network Attached Storage appliances on a local area network from a single computer or device.

Multi-Site Backup it must give you the ability to backup data from many sites like at home and at work, or at the primary site and data located at remote.

Remote Data Wipeout in case your device is lost or stolen, your critical data will be erased from your lost device and no one including who has you devices can access them.

Remote IP Address Locator when your device is lost or stolen it locates the IP address of your device and find exactly where it is and the contact information of the owner of the internet connection used in your device, these information will be used to get back your device again.

The last two features are very important and they are the newsiest features in online backup technology. They are available only in MDI Online Backup.

Please visit My Data Image MDI Online Backup http://www.mdi-online-backup.com to get more information.
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