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We commonly see people make mistakes in email. You would have definitely seen some of them during your course of work. These mistakes although they look small but can have a detrimental effect of your image when it is being committed over and over again. Generally, the recipient will think that the sender is careless, never reviews his email content or plain rushing for time.. Today we are sharing with you mistakes you should avoid and not end up in your organization list of careless email senders!

1. Forgetting to follow-up - You forgotten to follow-up with the recipient after he requested for you to follow-up either through the email again or through a phone call. Honestly, you will not look good if you are doing this all the time. Your recipient will feel that you are always not contactable, irresponsible or not interested in attending to their emails (which usually they feel this way). Remember to follow-up promptly. Set a flag to follow-up if you cannot do it on the spot. At least, it's now in your to-do-list.

2. Sending to the wrong person - Ensure that you are sending to the right person. Email programs are often too smart and recognize the wrong similar name in the staff directory. Review your list of recipients before you send out to avoid confusion in them.

3. Sending mass emails - Ensure that you are not sending email to the entire organization. Similar to sending the wrong person, you create confusion to the entire organization. You are also become the "careless clown" for sending emails to recipients not intended to receive it. And hopefully it is nothing sensitive and personal that can put you in a really embarrassing situation.

4. Forgetting the attachment - A common mistake made by most of us. We completed the content of the email and send it out. Later to realize that you have forgotten to attach the document relevant to the email. Either you follow-up with an additional email apologizing about the blunder and include the attachments or you wait for your recipient to write back asking about the missing attachments. Therefore, review your emails before you send!

5. Not leaving contact information when you asked your recipients to contact you - Your recipient will be feeling, "DUH!" You forgotten to include your contact information such as phone number for them to get back to you after requesting them to get back to you over the phone. One small careless mistake illustrates your carelessness in emailing and rushing to send the email out.

6. Clicking "Send" too fast - Another common mistake made by many of us. Often we rush in our content of the email and attempt to send it in the shortest time we can. In this way, you may fail to review your email and commit the above mentioned mistakes such as sending to the wrong person and forgetting to attach the relevant documents to the email. Slow down cow-boy! Review your email before you move your mouse over to the "Send" button!About Author:You can read more about mistakes in emails at the author's site. If you are keen in gems and crystals, you might be interested in 5 Synergy Stones.
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